Why Choose Discount Roofing

Texas Roofing and Repairs In these times when every dollar counts and roofing contractors with a reputation for competence and reliability are hard to find, it’s important to make the right choice.

Does the Contractor … Discount Roofing Other Company
Have good references ? The majority of our work is from REFERRALS – which is a testimony to our performance. Yes ?
Have an established office and not just work out of a pick-up truck? Yes ?
Supply you with a neatly written and easy-to-understand bid?… no hidden costs or surprises. Yes ?
Allow you to decide without pressure? Yes ?
Give you a predetermined schedule for starting and finishing the job? Yes ?
Leave job sites clean and minimize inconvenience to you? Yes ?
Make a courtesy inspection upon your request after the job is complete? Yes ?
Really honor a warranty? Your guarantee is only as good as the company standing behind it. Yes ?

Texas Roofing and Repairs Why isn’t the lowest bid always the fairest deal ? Roofs need to be done right the first time. Otherwise you may face high repair cost – or even have to have the roof entirely redone. Most of all, materials and installation standards effect both the beauty and longevity of your roof.
Reasonable Prices ~ Professional Results